Friday, April 01, 2005


I called our SW this morning for an update on the status of our dossier. I also asked her if it would be possible for another family that is using our agency to take a current picture of our little guy. We would like to know what he looks like now since the video that we have is from when he was just two months old. Here is her less than exciting response:

I just spoke to S and she said that we can’t get another family to take a picture. They won’t allow it. I’m sorry! Your dossier is still at the embassy so S isn’t able to estimate travel yet (since your dossier still needs to go to the Minister of Foreign Affairs). All she can tell me is May or June.

I am sorry that I don’t have more of an update. Thanks for checking in and I hope that all is going well.

Have a good weekend.

This email has done nothing but depress me. J and I are going to dinner tonight to (finally) celebrate the news of our soon to be son. When we started the adoption process last August we vowed that we would celebrate the steps along the way. During our struggle with IF we never celebrated because we were always saving the celebration for when we found out we were pregnant. We never got to have that celebration. So with adoption we decided that it was important to celebrate the milestones along the way and not just “Gotcha Day”. Unfortunately, this news does not make me want to celebrate very much. It’s still early, and I have plenty of time to get out of this funk. Plus, tomorrow my friends and family are throwing me a Baby Shower. I think the best thing to do for tonight and tomorrow is to just focus on the positives of the situation. I need to remember that we have a son and that he is healthy and, from what I have researched about his region, is well cared for and loved. We will travel to meet him in the near future and most importantly, he will be our son forever!

I just need to keep my eye on moving forward, one mile at a time.


Michelle said...

OH! A baby shower! How neat!!

I'm so sorry that you got that email. I'm dealing with a similiar vibe from my seems that they don't really "get" what is like.

So you might travel in May or June? Is that right? If so, wow..that's quick! But I know it must seem like an eternity.

When I drove by my dad's house today and saw their Kaz flag flying outside, I thought of you guys.
Hope you enjoyed your celebration night.

Jessica said...

and our baby is in an orphanage in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan.

I read this part in a previous post. I believe this is where my 5 year old sister came from!!! I definately know she came from and orphanage in Kazakhstan!
My father and step mother adopted her. I'm still baffled trying to believe I'm lurking, just reading someone's blog and happen to see that you are getting your baby from the same place as my sister Cassie! HA!

I hope my blog link comes up with my name on here. There are pictures on it that we had taken for our super girly princess day (hard to explain) at Sears.
By the way I'm 22 years older than Cassie is! LOL