Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Moving to the next phase...and shaking in my shoes

Well, Friday May 20 was my last day at work. I left a job that I have held since July 1999. Practically the whole time that I have been there, J and I have either been ttc, dealing with IF treatments, or pursuing adoption. The fact that I have left my job represents a whole new chapter in our lives and I am a little anxious about the changes. J and I have always planned that I would stay at home with our children, so I am really excited about not having to try and balance a career and a family. However, I am a little nervous about being at home and not yet having our son home.

This weekend has been really wonderful though because I did not have to get all of my usual running around, house cleaning and laundry done in two days. I will have some time during the week to get some things done and that is a wonderful thought. I have quiet a "to do" list before we leave for Kazakhstan (still hoping for an early July departure date), but I feel that with some of the extra time that I will have between now and then, I will get it all done.

I am really looking forward to helping my sister, who is eight and half months pregnant, by looking after my niece, W, a few days a week before she begins her maternity leave in mid June. W is four and such a character. I am really excited about our forethcoming time together and I think that she is too. So, we'll see how that goes.

I am hoping that the next few weeks will allow me some down time before we travel, as I know that I will never really have that again. Being a Mom is a full-time job for life. I am so excited about taking that job, but if I can start out a little rested...all the better by me! I'm still nervous about the coming weeks, but once I dive in and get busy, I don't think that I will really have time to be scared. Let's hope so anyway.

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